Our Story

We grew up with soccer and have all played youth, college, and even Major League Soccer. We’ve also had careers with the biggest sporting goods brands in the world. Soccer has given us so much and we want to positively impact players and give back to the sport.
The PITCH is player-centric, and we listened to players to understand their challenges with soccer apparel. Our mantra is LISTEN | EXPERIMENT | INNOVATE. We build our product using player insights and include those players every step of the way. We also use technical and premium fabrics and focus on performance fit to deliver garments that fit a player’s needs.
In addition to making great products our company has obligations to the game and its players. Our PitchIN initiative has a simple mission: we alleviate barriers of entry to the sport of soccer caused by the social and economic suffering of those in underserved communities. PitchIN will LISTEN | EXPERIMENT | INNOVATE. PitchIN is driven by our collective experience from the game of soccer which is diverse in nature and should welcome all.
At PitchIN we work alongside communities to build an infrastructure of support to create an equal playing field for youth. We believe in the power of the pitch to move our communities forward by creating equal access for all to play the beautiful game. We drive sustainable change and access on and off the pitch.
The PitchIN team will focus on supporting small local communities and building a model of sustainable access and programming on the pitch. The PITCH will contribute a percentage of every sale to PitchIN and its initiatives. The Pitch is where we matter. These memories, some of triumph and some of defeat, are where our soccer dream began.